How to Create a PopUp Announcement

A popup is used to display an announcement for new location, special offers, and featured food items of your restaurant. This will display as a small window (with text and feature image) in the foreground of your website homepage.

Here are the steps on how you can create a popup announcement on your website:

1) Log in to your website by going to

2) On your website dashboard, hover your mouse at the lower left section to access the “PopUp” option. Click “Add New“.

3) At the PopUp page, first enter a name of the PopUp. For example: Gift Cards Available. This popup name will not be displayed on the window.

4) At the next section, type in your announcement heading or title, subheading or subtitle, and details at the content section.

Should you need to add a “feature image” to your announcement, add the feature image to the box next to content section.

Should you need to add a “CTA (call-to-action) button to your announcement, you may do so at the section below the content box.

5) Next, “preview” the popup announcement before publishing it live on the website.

Sample PopUp Announcement

6) If you are happy on what you see, click the “save” button to save the change and switch toggle button active to publish your popup announcement. The popup announcement will instantaneously be published on your website.

Sample Popup Announcement on Homepage

Advanced Options

Below the general settings of your popup announcement are the advanced options that you may apply to your popup window.

1) You can modify the display time of the popup, for example: “appear after 3 seconds“, or “appear after 15% of the page has been scrolled.”

2) You can choose to add “never see this message again” link at the bottom of the popup window.

3) You can choose to keep the popup displayed until the any button from the popup is clicked.

4) Should your popup include a short form, you may customize the behavior of the popup after a form is submitted.

5) You can add further customization on the popup like displaying and hiding the popup announcement at specific dates and time.