Display Featured Food Items (Specials) on Your Homepage

Follow this video and instructions to choose a few food menu items to feature on your homepage.  This is how you can set daily specials.


Making food items “Featured”

1.  Edit a food item you wish to make “featured”.  Go to Food Items > Click any food item to edit it.

2.  Check the box for “Featured Food Item”.  On the ‘Edit Food Item’ screen, scroll down to where it says “Food Item Settings”, then check the box labeled “Featured Food Item”.

3.  Scroll up and click the blue “Update” button.  It’s located near the top-right corner of the Edit Food Item screen.

4.  Repeat this process 4 times so that you have made 4 featured food items (the design templates are intended to display 4 featured items across the page).

Now, 4 featured food items are displayed in the lower part of your homepage.

NOTE:  In order for featured food items to display, the homepage must have “Show featured food items” enabled.  This option is enabled by default, so most of the time you won’t need to change this.

Changing/Updating Featured Food Items

Follow these instructions when you need to change or update featured food items.

1.  Edit the food items that are currently set to featured.  Uncheck the box for “Featured Food Item” so that the item is no longer featured.

2.  Repeat for each of the current food items.

3.  Follow the steps above to set new featured food items.

Editing the Label Above Featured Food Items

You may want to label these items as “Daily Specials” or “Featured Menu Items” or similar… To do that:

1.  Go to Website Options > Misc.

2.  Scroll down to “Featured Food Items Label”

3.  Enter whatever you’d like, for example, you can type:  Daily Specials

4.  Scroll up and click “Save Options”.